Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Create your own job, your own brand, your own company and live life on your terms.

The Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is perfect for you if you wish to be independent, a leader or want to create your own business.

At the end of the 3 year degree, you will be equipped with all of the relevant knowledge and experience to start and operate a successful business. We will teach you to think with an entrepreneurial mindset because yes, entrepreneurship can be taught.

You will become experienced in:

  • assessing opportunities,
  • project management,
  • how to finance and market your new venture,
  • strategy implementation and resource allocation,
  • technology commercialisation, 
  • legal aspects of entrepreneurship.

In addition to these core aspects of the degree, you will study a specialisation in an area that excites you. Popular specialisations amongst our students are computer science, food and nutrition science, sociology, music, economics and commerce. The combination of entrepreneurship and innovation courses, along with your electives, makes this a well-rounded degree.

The practical nature of our degree will enable you to have all of the knowledge, tools and skills required to start operating your own business, well before you graduate. Imagine, the stress of not having to apply for jobs upon graduation - you can work for yourself and live your life on your terms!