Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of economic growth and development.


An entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to innovate, and an enterprising capacity set individuals, organisations and regions apart − they are more likely to succeed, build sustainable organisations and grow wealth for their stakeholders and the community.

Although such knowledge and skills can be learned from experience, there is evidence to suggest that appropriately developed entrepreneurship educational and training programs can help develop such skills and knowledge in individuals.

Our research makes an important contribution to

  • both our understanding and application of how people,
  • organisations and regions can develop sustainable,
  • innovative value creating practices while operating within the complexity of social and;
  • economic systems and interactions.

Our research

The entrepreneurship specialisation explores research questions focusing on the antecedents contributing toward the development of entrepreneurial behaviour (including entrepreneurial intent) that ultimately result in socioeconomic development outcomes. In particular, the research activity is interdisciplinary and encourages engaging with a diverse range of knowledge bases.

Our research examines, learns, and disseminates new knowledge about how entrepreneurial behaviour can be developed, originates, supports, and sustains socioeconomic development and growth. Whether socially or commercially oriented, we study how nascent or existing entrepreneurs, new ventures or the expansion and revitalisation of existing ventures originate, how they can be developed, and how they add value within different socioeconomic contexts - whether these are developing or developed.