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Ageing & Living Well Think Tank & Innovation Collaborative

Boomers – Riding the Long Wave – 'Wicked Problem' and Opportunity Spaces

When: 9 –11 November 2015
Where: Crowne Plaza, Hindmarsh Sq, Adelaide

Introducing and Outlining Opportunities for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Practice, Policy and Research Actions to Facilitate Ageing Well and Aged Care

A collaboration between the University of Adelaide’s School of Nursing, and the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre. The Ageing Well Think Tank and Innovation Collaborative is chaired by Professor Alison Kitson and Professor Noel Lindsay.

Think Tank Purpose

"It is a second chance to those fortunate enough to see the opportunity. Just as the youth of today have turned the meaning of the word "wicked" on its head and use "wicked" to refer to something that is awesome or extremely positive, it is time for boomers and the whole of society to view the aging of boomers through an entrepreneurial lens and see the tremendous infusion of talent that is becoming available to make the world a better place" Patricia McDougall, 2014

This leadership ‘Think Tank’ is designed to bring together leaders, practitioners, academics and policy makers concerned to explore and evaluate identified opportunities. Using the unit of analysis for innovation, ie. the ‘added-value’ as perceived by the user and not simply a product or a technology, the identified ‘opportunity-outcome’ will embed a new service concept or intervention, which embraces and promotes healthy ageing, independent living or resident-centred care in the community.

Radio Adelaide Podcasts

We are part of a new radio program on Radio Adelaide 101.5fm. Our collaboration with Radio Adelaide will expand the reach and impact of our November event by building awareness and developing a lasting archive of the ideas and discussions we’re having. The Radio Adelaide team will also record the key sessions at the Think Tank and make them available online.

The radio program Riding the Long Wave goes to air from 6-7pm (South Australian time) on Thursdays, from August to November in the first instance.

Previous Podcasts:

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The University of Adelaide School of Nursing and Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation & Innovation Centre (ECIC) are working together to bring you this event.

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