Xelarite Scale

Xelarite scale

Scale your business

Five businesses that have shown traction in the market are selected to take part in the next stage of the scale and incubation program.

Full-time incubation in Thinclab Adelaide is included and the University takes 5% equity for $30,000 investment in each company. If a company shows potential a further $30,000 can be invested for an extra 5% equity.

Stage 4: Health Check

Having the right measures to back up your power claims is paramount for success during your due diligence process. The starting point for this acceleration phase is to assess your current numbers, starting with CAC (Cost of Acquiring Customers) and LVC (Lifetime Value of Your Customer).

What segmentation is ideal for your start-up. What do you know about your customers? When will causalities work and when will correlations work? This workshop will help you to determine these.

The sustainability of your start-up is primarily determined by how you manage your intellectual capital to build and sustain your intellectual property. The idea here is to ascertain and determine your strategy.  

Stage 5: Innovation Partnerships 

Crowd sourcing and angel investment are only two choices among many when it comes to financing your start-up. How to align your objectives with the available choices will be discussed here.

Your business model will continue to evolve at this stage to adapt to the growing need for your product or service. When you get your business model right, everything falls into place.

Build vs partner is a strategic choice when it comes to marketing, sales, manufacturing, aftersales and many more activities. You will learn how you can make the right choices.

Stage 6: Pitch Perfection

The name of the game is creating value – for any stakeholder. In more like a role play, action learning experience, you will learn to validate and curate your value proposition so that you can keep on creating and sustaining value for your customers.

Getting your first paying customer is the biggest asset for a start-up. Yet building the relationship and retaining your customers to promote yourself is what we exercise here.

Is risk capital a growing or shrinking phenomenon? What role does trust play in optimising the investor relationships? Investors are a lot but not lead investors. We help you maneuver these steps while introducing you to our global investor base.

Leveraging digital technology, crowdsourced closed loop feedback for pitches will be provided.

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