Xelarite Launch

Your 12 week countdown to launch

Your 12 week countdown to launch

This 12 week program is recommended for start-ups that have been through the eChallenge program or other pre-incubation programs and have validated the market need. Start-ups should already be building prototypes and accessing their first customers to benefit from this program.

This program is separated into three Stages.This program is charged at $1200 per person, no equity is taken and one hot desk in Thinclab Adelaide is included in this stage. Students can enrol into this as a course and have the program count towards their degree.

Stage 1: Resource Madness

Paramount for growing a new venture is enabling founders to perceive the challenges, obstacles and situations in which they will need to put in significant effort. We ensure a 100% transformation in your mental model so that you are ready to tackle your fears and grow. Venture milestones are set at this stage and each start-up accepts accountability. The journey begins.

We believe in empowering founders at different stages. Understanding what options you have from a resourcing standpoint is what makes you stand apart. This approach enables long-term benefits and promotes a growth mindset.

Xelarite™ is all about learning from and helping one another – using technology or in person, we will stand by you during your start-up journey. We will help you identify and obtain the resources your business needs and work with you to get to where you want to be – this includes pushing you to your limits.

Stage 2: Unleashing Resources

We have shaped and shared over 7000+ entrepreneurial journeys over the last 18 years. We leverage that experience to help you to shape your journey. That’s why we are confident about the specifics and we can assist you to constantly measure and improve.

Through our pillars of success, Xelarite™ network spans across four continents. With that kind of global network power, you can accomplish ten times more than what you can achieve alone. It’s a hard to beat resource mix.

Breaking the stranger danger barrier can only be achieved by building trust. We use a ‘pay it forward’ strategy to empower our start-ups to grow their trusted network.

Stage 3: The Fit

The better you know your competitive landscape, the higher the chances of your success. This session will help you determine your competitive landscape in a systematic manner.

Understanding your competitive landscape and the emerging trends favourable for your start-up will help you position your product or service in an ideal manner with maximum benefit.

It is important to emphasize the features of your product or service that reduce costs and solve problems for your customer. Ask, listen and act. The aim of the game here is to get some traction.

Pitch your product/ service and apply for Xelarite Scale (XS).

Look back on where you have come from and where you are now. This workshop is a team celebration and a time to share your learnings and graduate from Xelarite with a new passion and perspective on where your business can go.

Xelarite scale

Businesses that have shown traction in the market can take part in the next stage of the scale and incubation program. 

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