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ThincLab Business Incubator

Incubator Best Practice

Incubator Best Practice * ThincLab Adelaide
Flexible support tailored to the need of participants and constantly developing and changing in response to needs and market developments
  • A tailored mentoring program for the participants.
  • Provides access to global markets through the ThincLab international network of affiliated Incubators.
  • Provides an online/blended learning support environment whereby all educational materials are available online but can be supported with face-to face workshop presentations and discussions.
Virtual services as well as physical space
  • ThincLab Adelaide has co-shared physical working space including meeting facilities, etc.
  • Educational support is provided by way of short seminars, 1-2 Day workshops, and the 4-month long Australian eChallenge programs offered in a blended learning format that focus on entrepreneurship, commercialisation and prototyping.
Should meet the objectives of the university and student body
  • The ThincLab Adelaide operations and global engagement strategy are consistent with the University’s 2016-2020 research strategy and Adelaide University Entrepreneur Club objectives.
Pre-incubation support exists for potential tenants with prior evaluation of the commercialisation potential of potential tenants’ opportunities
  • All participants must have completed one of the streams of the Australian eChallenge Program prior to (or concurrent with) entry to ThincLab Adelaide.
There is University funding available for tenants plus funding from other sources such as corporate sponsorship, government grants, and alumni donations
  • University funding is available for participants on a competitive basis and all participants are eligible to receive Government grants and have access to Government venture funds on a competitive basis.
Have adopted good policies and operational practice
  • ThincLab Adelaide operations are based on best practice with policy and operational manuals developed.
Lean operations
  • There exists a culture and an imperative to do more with less.
Contemporary, fresh and relevant
  • Incorporates a modern design and layout.
Commercial credibility through advisory board
  • The Advisory Board is comprised of industry and Government professional and academics from the ECIC.
Organise events for:
  1. Mentors and service providers
  2. Connect with investors and support out-going start-ups
  3. Generate positive buzz to attract investors
  4. Alumni network
  • Regular events are held for participants of ThincLab Adelaide, together with mentors, workshop and seminar presenters, alumni and potential investors.
  • ThincLab Adelaide is starting a buddy system whereby previous participants support current participants.
Generate awareness within the university to attract participants, volunteers and mentors
  • We have an ongoing University wide advertising campaign targeted at all students (including graduate students), staff and alumni.
Links with our entrepreneurship programs (to increase student participation)
  • As well as having completed an Australian eChallenge stream, students will participate in a series of entrepreneurial seminars and workshops.

* Based on a review of incubator and accelerator best practice publications and websites

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