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ThincLab Business Incubator

ThincLab Adelaide

Small enterprises and start-ups offer some of the greatest opportunities for innovation, employment and value creation.

Business incubators and commercialisation accelerators can be an effective tool for supporting local innovation and new business foundations and can reduce start-up failure rates significantly. The services offered, infrastructure, coaching and networks have proven to have a huge impact on these early stage companies.

At ThincLab Adelaide, our primary objective is to produce successful and financially viable enterprises that have continued commercial viability. ThincLab Adelaide is an initiative of the University of Adelaide and powered by the Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) and has been designed to provide a structured launch pad for start-ups.

ThincLab Adelaide components are:

  • TechLab Maker Space
  • ThincLab Business Incubator
  • Australian eChallenge Programs
  • Adelaide Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre

ThincLab Adelaide- what we do

ThincLab Adelaide is an innovative space that discovers and pioneers collaborative relationships with Schools, Industry, Government, students, and innovators in the wider community. The Incubator is designed to engage partnership arrangements, encourage investment, and promote entrepreneurial behaviours to create a self supporting environment for success.

ThincLab Adelaide provides the foundations and physical environment to engage enterprising activities, bridging resources and networks.

ThincLab Adelaide hosts interactions and up to date knowledge transfers providing modern approaches to best practice initiatives via professional expertise, providing in-depth seminars, workshops, networking events, mentoring support and assistance to pursue new leading edge approaches to start-ups.

ThincLab Adelaide is designed to engage participants who may have a flair for entrepreneurial activity. The service complements all of the programs offered by the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) and offers participants a resource to explore innovation excellence.

ThincLab Adelaide nurtures start-up ventures

Provides a setting that stimulates ideas and generates tested approaches to creative thinking in a casual, interactive environment. Including access to current knowledge, and the physical resources of meeting and business facilities, and a serviced hot-desk area.

Encourages the building of cross discipline, scalable ventures to complement skills in teams. Encourages alliances and the engagement of student partnering that may require cross pollination of business and commercialisation skills.

Engages with the community, industry, Government, other Universities and research organisations to encourage collaborative partnerships and cross discipline learning opportunities.

Engages successful professionals to design and deliver formalised workshops and seminars, whilst presenting targeted solutions to meet industry needs.

Provides a coordinated approach to industry liaising and industry support via the construction of a mentoring network.

The centre partners with industry bodies and businesses to create a substantial support structure for students offering creative avenues and transfer of skills, advice and knowledge.

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