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Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of economic growth and development.

An entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to innovate, and an enterprising capacity set individuals, organisations and regions apart − they are more likely to succeed, build sustainable organisations and grow wealth for their stakeholders and the community.

Although such knowledge and skills can be learned from experience, there is evidence to suggest that appropriately developed entrepreneurship educational and training programs can help develop such skills and knowledge in individuals.

Our research makes an important contribution to both our understanding and application of how people, organisations and regions can develop sustainable, innovative value creating practices while operating within the complexity of social and economic systems and interactions.

  • Areas of ResearchLearn about our research focus areas and supervision expertise

    The entrepreneurship specialisation explores research questions focusing on the antecedents contributing toward  the development of entrepreneurial behaviour (including entrepreneurial intent) that ultimately result in socioeconomic development outcomes.

    In particular, the research activity is interdisciplinary and encourages engaging with a diverse range of knowledge bases.

    Our entrepreneurship research team examines, learns, and disseminates new knowledge about how entrepreneurial behaviour can be developed, originates, supports, and sustains socioeconomic development and growth. Whether socially or commercially oriented, we study how nascent or existing entrepreneurs, new ventures or the expansion and revitalisation of existing ventures originate, how they can be developed, and how they add value within different socioeconomic contexts - whether these are developing or developed.

  • ResearchersMeet our academic research leaders
    Professor Noel Lindsay
    Professor Noel Lindsay
    • Entrepreneurship (business and social)
    • Entrepreneurship education
    • Venture finance
    • Family business
    • Community entrepreneurship
    Dr Allan O’Connor
    Dr Allan O’Connor
    • Entrepreneurship education and policy frameworks
    • Intersections between entrepreneurship, innovation and socioeconomic development
    • Regional, organisational and human capital entrepreneurial development
    Dr Gary Hancock
    Dr Gary Hancock
    • Business incubation
    • Financing start-up ventures
    • Regional entrepreneurship
    • Social and emotional impact of entrepreneurship
    Dr Wendy Lindsay
    Dr Wendy Lindsay
    • Social and business entrepreneurship
    • Antecedents of start-up behaviour 
    • Family business
    • Gender issues
    • Social development in communities
    Dr Scott Gordon
    Dr Scott Gordon
    • Nascent entrepreneurship
    • The start-up process
    • Entrepreneurial careers
    • Research methods
  • PhD Student ResearchersMeet our student researchers and enquire about joining the group
    Manjula Dissanayake

    Supervisor: Allan O’Connor and Barry Elsey

    PhD topic: “ How ICT entrepreneurs learn from the ecosystem while crossing the opportunity evaluation and exploitation nexus – evidence from start-up entrepreneur.

    Manjula Dissanayake
    Adele Feakes

    Supervisor: Noel Lindsay , Kiro Petrovski and Edward Palmer

    PhD topic: “What factors contribute to veterinary student entrepreneurial capability and intent?.

    Adele Feakes
    Li Huanmei

    Supervisor: Allan O’Connor, Noel Lindsay and Lu Zudi

    PhD topic: “Australian wine regional clusters and winery entrepreneurial management behaviours.

    Li Huanmei
    Owais Malick

    Supervisor: Barry Elsey and Allan O’Connor

    PhD topic: “Business plan competitions: A stakeholder value co-creation perspective.

    Owais Malick
    Gerard Reed

    Supervisor: Noel Lindsay and Barry Elsey

    PhD topic: “An exploratory case study of a regional screen production business developing fiscal sustainability, commercial responsibility, and competitive advantage in the market.

    Gerard Reed
    Kim Teh

    Supervisor: Barry Elsey, Noel Lindsay and Michael Liebelt

    PhD topic: “Contemporary universities: balancing their foundational values and adaptive responses to a changing environment – a South Australian perspective.

    Kim Teh
    Sim Tian Soon

    Supervisor: Allan O’Connor and Barry Elsey

    PhD topic: “An exploratory study of polytechnic - Small - Medium - Enterprise (Poly-SME) Technology Transfer (TT) Processes.

    Sim Tian Soon

    Become a PhD student with our group

    We are actively seeking prospective PhD students to study with us and contribute to our understanding of this important field.

    The University of Adelaide understands the importance of encouraging and nurturing the next generation of researchers.

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  • External CollaboratorsExplore opportunities for industry and professional collaboration

    The University of Adelaide understands the importance of collaborative research and strong partnerships with industry and professionals in today's global market.

    We view these interactions as essential elements in advancing the University's research and teaching objectives as well as adding value to you as our partners.

    The Faculty of the Professions is renowned for its academic diversity and is home to some of the most respected and eminent researchers at the University of Adelaide. Within the ECIC, our commitment to innovation and a culture of forward thinking helps to influence the world we live in.

    Our collaborative research activities span across government, business and community groups. Our under-pinning philosophy of research partnerships is to match your community needs and business opportunities with the resources and expertise of our Faculty. The expertise and knowledge of our academic staff, who are specialists in their fields, present great opportunities for organisations to grow and to make decisive contributions that can influence strategic agendas and operational frameworks.

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