Complex Systems

Complex systems are primarily autonomous and independent systems that are networked and recognised as adding capability to systems, products and services.

Complex systems

The breadth of complex systems facilitates integration of technological, human, cultural, environmental and political systems. The study of complex systems is used in both the innovation and entrepreneurship and project management disciplines.

Research in the innovation and entrepreneurship and project management disciplines feeds into social and economic development.

Areas of research

  • models of complex projects and the definition of the boundary between complicated and complex and the further boundary between complex and chaos
  • exploration of power laws and Paretian statistics within complex system
  • exploration of scalability and fractals supporting complexity
  • exploration of cultural and other aspects of human systems within complexity
  • application of complexity in complex adaptive systems (disaster management, dispute resolution, security systems and other application of complexity concepts)
  • application of complex systems within system of systems engineering.